I’d like to thank Karl for his invaluable assistance in helping me resolve a dispute with a large Auckland dealership. I bought a brand new car from an Auckland dealer and a year on rust appeared on the roof and I noticed some other irregularities with the paint condition. The dealer claimed there were no irregularities and tried to make me go away.  I engaged Karl to provide an expert opinion on a paint condition of my vehicle. Karl’s expert knowledge and experience gave me confidence to see this through to the end with a very satisfactory outcome. I can not recommend Karl highly enough. I would not have achieved the outcome I did without his support and advice.

I had some concerns with a car I purchased and found Karl via word-of-mouth. It turns out his reputation is well-deserved. He gave me generous free advice and even examined photos I'd taken. Thanks to his knowledge and experience I was able to understand the car's condition well enough to negotiate with the seller and achieve a positive outcome


I can highly recommend Karl to help with your auto assessment needs. He is clear, straightforward, intelligent, experienced and efficient. He knows his stuff. Most of all, it is his sincerity, understanding and willingness to help shining bright that touched me profoundly. A good assessor and seemingly a kind and brilliant person.
Miss s


Karl Pemberton of Auto Assess Ltd provided an excellent service in helping us to resolve a prolonged dispute with a car dealership. The case arose from the repeated failure of the dealership’s repair of our car and consequent engine damage from overheating. It was a great help to have an expert represent us in communications with the dealership and Karl’s work was undoubtedly instrumental in obtaining a resolution (a new engine) without needing to put the matter before the Disputes Tribunal. 

Thank you Karl


To Auto Assess Limited,

I would like to thank Karl Pemberton  for helping me in a case against AMI Insurance. After a motor vehicle accident I found myself trying to deal with a insurance company that was making demands that I felt was unfair. The dispute dragged out about 18 months with them before a court date was set. Karl was recomended by another company Car Valuations  NZ who carry out vehicle valuations, I then contacted Auto Assess Ltd and spoke to Karl about the matter, he told me to send him all the paper work from the insurance company and he would see if he could help me deal with it. He came back to me very quickly and took over preparing for the case.

From that point everything seemed to change as reports Karl had prepared began to be seen by the insurance company. At court the insurance company stated that this was a rare case that someone was so well prepared to fight them. Karl can take full credit as until then I felt out of my depth and unprepared. Right from the start I had someone on my side who knew how insurance companies work and how to challenge them.

I was very pleased with the court verdict and outcome and would like to thank Karl for all his support and the professional reports that the court accepted.  His loss adjuster report was right on the mark and what made my day was the insurance company had not carried one out and did not want to challenge his as they accepted he was an expert.
Karl Pemberton has successfully represented me for a small claim with AMI Insurance. I found him to be  professional in all undertakings.
I would not hesitate in requesting his assistance or in recommending him to anyone who might need his professional assistance in any investigation.

Nigel P Sempers

I can't speak highly enough of the amazing service and support we received from Karl Pemberton. from Auto Assess. Car accident situations are stressful and unpleasant but Karl managed to have our situation sorted the very next day from first calling him! Our situation has become a distant memory. If you have a situation and need vehicle assessment services look no further. You have found the right guy!


Rob O'Connor

If you are ever unlucky enough to find yourself in the situation I was in then look no further you have found your man. I brought a second hand vehicle which had been crashed but repaired and recertified.  I trusted that the recertification meant that the vehicle was structurally sound, only to find out the vehicle was not safe to be on the road.

Going through the Government Agency’s  complaints procedure and being passed from department to department I was getting nowhere.  At this point I was recommended Karl by my Panelbeater.  Soon after this we started making progress which ultimately lead to a successful result at the Disputes Tribunal.

I feel I would not have been able to achieve such a great result without the help of Karl Pemberton.  He went above and beyond in his efforts on my behalf.  This was a long drawn out process and never once did Karl give up or say it was going to be too difficult.  He was there every step of the way forcing their hand.

Had I not have enlisted Karl to work on my behalf I believe I would still be going around in circles and getting nowhere.
Next time our paths cross I hope to be sitting across from Karl in a bar shouting him a beer.

Brandon Ching

In May 2014 I had an accident with a 2012 Porsche Carrera 911 in Newmarket Auckland. I accepted that it was my fault and I was responsible for the cost of repairs. I was absolutely astounded when I received an invoice from Insurance company demanding that I pay $14660 for the repair. I could not believe the amount as I had thought the damage was only minor.I found Auto Assess on the internet and was impressed by the testimonials for similar kinds of problems. I asked if they would assess and advise me if the cost of repairs were reasonable for the damage I had done to the Porsche.

Karl assessed the damage and got back to me he told me there are several areas where repairs could have been undertaken instead of new replacement parts. He advised that the insurers were quite arrogant in regard discussing the matter and insisted the matter was dealt with by the Dispute Tribunal service.

Karl advised me at every step of the way what needed to be done. He sent me a report which clearly listed the areas of the repair which were contentious and advised that he would be able to be an expert witness by teleconference for the court hearing as I am in Auckland and Karl of Auto Assess is in Wellington.

On the day of the hearing  Karl very impressively challenged the insurance assessor on every aspect of the repair strategy used by the insurance company and defended my position in the fact I was being charged over $5,000 more than the repair was worth.

The outcome was very favorable to me, the court said that the insurance company was unreasonable in the way they repaired the car and reduced the repair cost by over $5,000 which was the amount Karl had estimated the repair should have cost if it had been done properly.

Auto Assess Limited have been outstanding in assisting me with this issue I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who finds they have a similar issue against a big insurance company. Thanks again Karl

I appointed Karl as an independent assessor on my behalf when I crashed into a parked car riding my bike. Even though I actively sought the owner of the car, who not present at the time of the crash, the insurance-company-who-shall-not-be-named wrongly assessed -- one would believe they intended it -- the damage. I was being charged upwards of $2,600 as they tacked on the other damages that had nothing to do with my crash. I asked for a review, but being the corporation they are, they cheerfully ignored me and basically said "pay us $2,600".

I asked around, and I was told by friends that I have two choices: "pay up" or "get professional help". I heard of car-on-car assessment, but, to be honest, I was unsure if anyone would bother with a cyclist. But, what the heck, I called Karl, and since then Karl has been an invaluable source of good advice, and morale support.

Not only did Karl manage to get the cost down to $1,400, which was indeed the correct cost and assessment, but he encouraged me to demand that the insurance company pay for the fees that I have spent. He insisted, correctly, that it was their fault I had to hire him! For me, this is my most important experience with Karl: Karl seems intent on doing not only a good job, but doing the right thing. Why should honesty be rewarded by these insurance company shenanigans?

This has moved to the DT, of which I am pleased, despite the obvious bother. And although the result of the DT is yet unknown, as far as I'm concerned I've pretty much won the assessment and moral battle, and Karl has been a great and smart advisor -- not to mention a cheerleader! -- and has integrity that can be trusted.
Thanks, Karl.

Zhangyu Guo

I had just taken delivery of my dream muscle car imported from North America when significant corrosion problems started to appear. I needed help - a lot of it - in understanding what I was facing and what could be done. Karl was recommended to me and he has helped me through an evolving process - from the thorough inspection and documentation of the structural corrosion and sub-standard repair work identified, taking me through the findings with the car on his hoist, to providing an expert report as I tackle the North American seller and inspection company for compensation. Karl has always been concerned that his services provide value-for-money. His advice and expertise has been invaluable.

Martin Sheffield, Raumati - September 2013.

I employed Karl from Auto Assess to work on my behalf in early 2013. I was in a dispute with xxxxxxxxx (Christchurch) over a motor they had rebuilt for my mazda rx3. I was getting nowhere and just about ready to give up when I found the "Auto Assess" web-page while google searching the internet. A quick email to Karl and the ball was rolling. He was very exact and efficient in his dealings. Karl also knows the law inside out, which I found helped greatly. Something that was extremely stressful for me, was just a simple day to day task for Karl. A result was achieved very quickly, which was the best thing about it all. I was able to now move on with my life and not have this dispute to worry about. Once I had Karl on the job, xx xxxxxxx agreed to settle with me before going to disputes tribunal. I hope they will now think twice, before trying to rip someone off, like they tried to do to me. Thanks a lot Karl for the great job you did for me. I really do appreciate the work you did. I wouldn't have got a result without you.

Sam Wootton

I appointed Karl Pemberton to act on my behalf regarding a vehicle claim before I left New Zealand for the UK. I am extremely pleased with the way he conducted the process. He kept me informed regularly and stated what was needed and what he felt the outcome should be. He went about his business in a very professional manner and the claim was settled satisfactorily. I have no hesitation in recommending him and should I ever be in this position again in NZ I would certainly call on him.

Nigel Goldsmith

Dr Dai Gilbertson FANZAM, Past President Australia-New Zealand Academy of Management

A job excellently done!

I recently contacted Karl to help me resolve a faulty cam belt tensioner claim I had with a supplier, which caused $5500 of damage to the motor. The supplier had declined the claim saying that it was not the tensioner at fault.

Karl came in and assessed the tensioner and came to the same conclusion as I did.

I found Karl to be very knowledgeable and I was very happy with his detailed report.

I forwarded the report to the supplied, and the claim was finally resolved in my favour.

Thanks Karl.

We recently used Karl's services to resolve a faulty fuel system issue we had with a supplier. We found Karl to have a great technical understanding, a prudent method for diagnosis and a well thought out plan of attack. With a plan in place, a more in depth report was produced by a large independent overseas fuel injection specialist that backed up and confirmed our original diagnosis. With the report produced we were in a position to solve outside of court, saving a great deal time and money. With out Karl's help, we would not have had access to the specialists needed for the report. While the case did not go to any court or mediation, the case was prepared in such a way that we would be very confident of a positive outcome had it been taken further.

I would throughly recommend Karl's services to all who need outside assistance to resolve any vehicle related disputes.

Nathan Wilkin

We are grateful to Karl for his guidance and expertise in helping us successfully resolve a dispute we had with a car dealer.

The dispute was centred around failed injectors in our 2007 Toyota Hilux ute.

The dealer claimed the failure had been caused by diesel bug. We could find no evidence to support that opinion. With Karl alongside we went to the small claims tribunal claiming the injector breakdown was the result of mechanical failure not diesel bug, and the car dealer should meet the cost of the repairs..

The mediator ruled that the car dealer had to prove that dirty fuel had caused the problem. Their case relied on a laboratory report they had commissioned, which revealed the lowest detectable level of fungi contamination in the fuel filter that had been taken from our vehicle.

Karl produced opinion from several experts that questioned whether that level of contamination could have done the damage .Karl also produced expert opinion that more tests than the one the car dealer had commissioned would be needed to prove fuel bug had caused the injector failure. Karl's knowledgeable responses to technical questions asked by the mediator also negated claims from the other side of the argument.
The case was won.

We were reimbursed for the cost of the repairs and Karl's fee.

All round a most successful outcome.


In April 2010, our two year old Volvo XC90 was diagnosed as having fuel contamination when it began shuddering and smoking from the exhaust. After a few weeks at the garage the engine no longer even started. After several weeks disagreeing with the garage that fuel contamination was the problem, the AA Technician I had been speaking to suggested I call Karl at Auto Assess.

As soon as Karl was allowed to look at the engine and asked for specific tests on the vehicle it was obvious that the problem had been misdiagnosed and we finally were given some answers. Also if I had given permission for the parts that I was originally told needed changing (at a cost of $16,000) then it would have been difficult to know what the real problem was - that the engine had hydrolocked. Karl instigated the process of notifying the insurance and the car manufacturer - it took three months to repair our car. The bill for our car repair was $50,000.

Because of Karl's vast mechanical experience and excellent investigative skills, Karl was able to reach the best solution possible for us. We received a new engine partly paid by the insurance and partly by Volvo.

Without Karl I know this would not have been possible no matter how much I tried. If you have any doubts or concerns about your vehicle Karl is definitely the person to contact. We will always be grateful to him.

Antonella and Everard Aspell
Mount Victoria

We used Auto Assess limited to assist us though the Motor Vehicle Disputes tribunal process. They were methodical in ensuring they understood the technical issues specific to our situation and then provided guidance on how the MVDT operates, preparing our submission and how we should present our case. As a first time user of the MVDT services this assistance was greatly appreciated and ultimately contributed to a successful outcome for us. I have no hesitation in recommending Auto Assess Limited for either assistance with the MVDT process or as an independent assessor of automotive issues.

Thanks again Karl,


My case involved a vehicle purchased from a dealer that turned out to have significant under body corrosion. I took the offending dealer to the Motor Vehicle Disputes Tribunal seeking a rejection of the vehicle. Before a final decision was to be made I was ordered to obtain two detailed quotes for repairs. It was at this time the services of Auto Assess Ltd were recommended to me. Karl compiled a report that contained all the necessary information that ultimately gave way to the MVDT ruling in my favour.

TJ Carver

'Karl Pemberton and his company were recommended to me by the technical division of the AA to assist me in a dispute with a major vehicle manufacturer over rust problems with my car.

Throughout the process I found Karl to be technically excellent and very responsive in his communications with me. His written report on my vehicle was clear and concise.His expertise extended to a thorough knowledge of the process and decisions of the Motor Vehicle Disputes Tribunal, which ultimately proved to be invaluable in achieving a successful outcome in that forum. He also ably represented my interests at the hearing itself.

I have no hesitation in recommending Karl as an expert witness in relation to motor vehicle problems or disputes.'

Andrew McIntyre

I have engaged Karl Pemberton on two separate occasions and in both instances I have been thoroughly impressed with his responsiveness and attention to detail. His ability to deal with complex situations and negotiate a satisfactory resolution has been much appreciated.

It's without hesitation I would recommend Karl Pemberton (Auto Assess Ltd) to anyone wanting a fair and accurate report plus resolution to any motor vehicle repair difficulties.

Grant Sidaway

Karl Pemberton was intrduced to me by an MTA Panelbeater in Lower Hutt.

Whether you are a corporate, panelbeater, auto repair shop or any other auto related business and need support, read on.

Karl is pragmatic, factural, knowledgeable and practical in his approach. He knows the issues and solutions to a problem or should I say, what caused the problem.

I can only praise Karl for the service received and all forms of communication.


I found myself in the unfortunate position of owning a car that had a failed timing belt. Despite the fact that they replaced the belt 4 years prior the local mechanical workshop appeared uninterested in finding out exactly how badly damaged the engine was, nor were they interested in finding out why it failed. I asked Karl for his assistance. He very promptly persuaded the garage to take a closer look at the issue and motivated them to do the job they should have done in the first place.

I’d like to thank Karl for his invaluable assistance in helping me resolve a dispute with a large Auckland dealership. I bought a brand new car from an Auckland dealer and a year on rust appeared on the roof and I noticed some other irregularities with the paint condition. The dealer claimed there were no irregularities and tried to make me go away.  I engaged Karl to provide an expert opinion on a paint condition of my vehicle. Karl’s expert knowledge and experience gave me confidence to see this through to the end with a very satisfactory outcome. I cannot recommend Karl highly enough. I would not have achieved the outcome I did without his support and advice.

Big thank you again for all your help.


With a quick 20 minute phone call Karl quickly resolved what was fast turning into an incredibly frustrating situation.


I brought a car for $5500 from a Toyota dealer off Trade Me. 7 weeks later the cars 'Check Engine' light came on. Not realising that we were covered under the Consumer Guarantees Act (as the car was brought on Trade Me) I engaged a transmission specialist to fix the car.  A transmission replacement was required so they set about trying to find a second hand option. After we'd spoken a few times it came up that I'd only just brought the car from a dealer. The transmission specialist advised me to approach the dealer to see if they would assist, as we were faced with a $2500-$5000k repair job. Initially the Toyota dealer was good to deal with. He communicated with my mechanic to understand the situation and he made arrangements direct with them to transport the car to his own specialist who advised a new transmission out of Korea ($5k) would be the best way forward. This is where the problems started. First I was asked to contribute $2500 towards the cost as this is what I was looking to pay if I was going to get a second hand transmission from my own mechanic (and before realising I had any protection under the Act). Then I was asked how much I would be willing to pay for a new transmission with no guarantee on delivery date from Korea. There were several other email negotiations that went on until I pushed back at which point I was offered a full refund. Delighted, I signed and returned a purchase agreement and waited for the money to be deposited into my account. Then came the real blow, the Toyota dealer emailed to suggest that because I hadn't ensured that the transmission was fully reassembled before they picked it up from my mechanic, I was in breach of the Consumer Guarantees Act! Gutted, I reached out to Karl. We had a ten minute phone call, he trawled through the pages of emails I forwarded him, he made one 20 minute phone call to the Toyota dealer, and all was sorted! To say I was relieved is an understatement. The time and emotion wasted on this issue was really taxing on me and my family (being down to 1 car with a large family is very tricky). Karl is an expert in this field. He was very friendly and understanding and quickly came to the conclusion that he'd be able to get me the result I needed. In the end one 20 minute phone call is all it took and it really highlighted to me just how manipulative and unprofessional even the most reputable dealerships can be. Thank you Karl, I only hope that after dealing with you this dealer takes on board the learning's and doesn't continue this sort of behaviour going forward.


Top up